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«Plastics of Russia» Forum is an annual discussion platform, a meeting place for top management and owners of plastics production and plastics converting industry with participation from relevant government agencies.

«Plastics of Russia» Award: a special industry award for converting companies announced during the Forum. Website of the Award: www.plasticsofrussia.ru

The Forum program, discussions and the Award ceremony are widely covered by the leading Russian business and general media.

Forum participants are also provided with time and opportunity to hold personal confidential meetings without media coverage.

2014 Forum Concept:

Plastics Converting: business for sale, or How to overcome stagnation?

The time for high margins in plastics business is over. The number of non-core investors that invested in plastics business for diversification reasons has declined dramatically. Many owners of small processing enterprises would like to sell their business to those who have additional administrative resources, access to large industrial end-users of polymers or a more stable access to raw materials supply.

The purpose of the event is to strengthen business ties for those market players who intend to continue the struggle for survival and development of the industry.

For owners of enterprises planning to sell their business, and for investors planning new investments, organizers are ready to develop a separate agenda of meetings at the Forum.

Key topics to be discussed within the program:

  • Investment issues in the current economic environment:
    • What kind of investment is required for new plastics production projects?
    • What business tools are available to attract large investments?
    • The role of the state and large state-owned banks to attract large industrial investments: pitfalls, or why it is not easy to get a $ 3 billion?
    • What business tools are available to attract investments in middle segment?
    • Business reselling: main problems and how to avoid them?
  • Ties between Plastics Producers and Plastics Converters:
    • Plans of plastics producers: what has the industry gained from the launch of new plants and when to expect the next ones?
    • New business tools to work with plastics converters: how to reduce the financial burden?
    • Plastics market balance: when to expect pricing changes?
    • How has the role of traders changed, and what are the consequences of growing sales through online platforms?
    • Should assistance be expected from manufacturers in development of new consumption niches?
    • Development of product range: how is the real market demand being taken into account?
  • Ties between The Industry and Public Authorities:
    • Plan 2030 and Strategy 2030: impact on the industry, or whether real changes should be expected?
    • Customs surprises or what should we expect in 2015?
    • Sanctions threat: which options are available to avoid it?
    • Technical regulations, or how much do the new standards cost?
  • Ties between Industry Player and Large Industrial Consumer:
    • Potential consumption in the railways, or a road into the procurement structure.
    • Potential consumption in large commercial construction.
    • Potential consumption in road construction, or what are the regulations for suppliers in this segment.
    • Problems of plastic materials distribution through large retail chains.
    • Problems in the automotive industry, or why does not the localization work?

Forum Strategy

Polymers for the Quality of Life

Industrial production in Russia is on the verge of recession, although the mechanisms of increasing domestic demand in the country are practically inexhaustible. The government is seeking new growth points, one of which can and should become the plastics production and plastics converting industry. With economic stagnation in the background, the plastics industry may be attractive for investors and can demonstrate the growth rate up to 20% in some segments. Consumption of plastic products in Russia has a very high potential, and primarily because it brings the quality of life for everyone.

The purpose of the Forum for the society is to identify opportunities to improve the quality of life for each consumer, based on innovative products of plastics industry, and to find tools for unlocking this potential. The purpose of the Forum for the industry is to find ways to increase the consumption of domestic products based on polymer materials. The key objectives of the Forum include identification of the plastics industry development points, consolidation of information and building a constructive dialogue with the state authorities.

Attendance of the Forum: about 150 companies annually.

Forum participants on the basis of the past 5 years attendance:

By positions:

График анг 1

By business sector:

График анг 2

Program Guidelines:

  • Speakers are invited on a free of charge basis, with paper abstracts approved three months in advance.
  • Level of confirmed speakers should not be less than the Head of the Department for large integrated companies and CEO / Member of the Board for small and medium companies.
  • All papers are strictly analytical.
  • Promotional presentation are not allowed at the Forum (for sponsorship options other possibilities are available).

2014 Forum speakers include:

  • Vitaly Gudin, Department Director (Deputy Minister) at EEC;
  • Tatyana Gurova, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Expert Publishing House;
  • Sergei Komyshan, Member of the Board of SIBUR;
  • Ruslan Shigabutdinov, Deputy General Director of TAIF
  • Andrey Vorogushin, Vice-President for Strategy at UPC;
  • Pavel Lyachovich, Member of the Board of SIBUR;
  • Sergei Kolesnikov President of TechnoNicol Corporation;
  • Miron Gorilovsky President of POLYPLASTIC Group;
  • Andrey Lapin, General Director of Kronos.



«Plastics of Russia» Award

Annual industry Award at the Forum

Russia's only independent Award in the industry of plastics and plastics converting. The mission of the Award is to promote and popularize the use of polymer products.

The purposes of the Award: supporting the development of plastics converting industry in Russia; stimulating quality of plastics converting in Russia.

Objectives: to identify industry leaders, producers that conduct business properly, to acknowledge innovations and technological breakthroughs, to define best plastics solutions that improve the quality of life.

Nominees: Russian plastics converting companies.

For 2014, the Award methodology to determine the nominees in various categories is developed. Winner’s selection will be based on votes of the Award Expert Council. Results will be announced at the Award Ceremony at «Plastics of Russia 2014» Forum on November 25 in Moscow.


2014 Nominations and Awards categories are linked to final products, in search of the «Best Polymer Solutions».

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